Semi-welded Heat Exchangers

Semi-welded Heat Exchangers

Mueller's semi-welded Accu-Therm® plate heat exchanger is ideal for solution chilling and refrigerant condensing in refrigeration applications.

The plate pack is built utilizing welding cassettes (two plates welded together). The refrigeratant side is contained within the welded portion of the cassette to include welding of the solution port. Gaskets are used to seal the secondary side, which makes the plate pack easy to disassemble and clean.

The welded cassettes are designed for optimum gasket sealing. Higher pressure improves the sealing of the gaskets.

Standard Features

  • Carbon Steel, blue painted frame. (Optional stainless steel frame is available.)
  • Plate material: 0.6 mm AISI (304 or 316) or titanium.
  • 150 to 300 psig design pressure. ASME code standard available.
  • Gaskets are available in Nitril®, EPDM, Vitron®, Neoprene, or Chloroprene.
  • Rubber lined, carbon steel, or metal lined (stainless steel or titanium) nozzles.
  • Connections: Studded port, slip-on or weld neck flange, sanitary ferrule, or stub end.