4x8 Falling Film Chiller

4x8 Falling Film Chiller

The Mueller 4x8 enclosed-type falling film chiller is fully enclosed to ensure your product is free from particles. The unit is easily accessible through gasketed doors and is designed for large-capacity chilling applications.

Distribution pans are available in low, extra-low, and high flow rates. Extra-low flow rates range from 6 to 16 gpm, low flow rates range from 13 to 24 gpm, and high flow rates range from 25 to 48 gpm (per evaporator).

Features and Benefits

  • Built To Last - Stainless steel water contact surfaces and outer jacket provide longer life than galvanized steel; reduces the possibility of leaks. 
  • Exclusive Temp-PlateĀ® Design - Patented Temp-Plate heat transfer surface provides the most efficient cooling possible. Eliminates evaporator ice buildup.
  • Lower Cost - Refrigeration units operates only during milking, keeping milk cooling costs lower. 

4 x 8 Chiller Sizing Chart

No. of Plates
L x W x H (in)
Distribution Pan
Connection Size
J28104 1/2 x 39 1/8 x 90 3/42,7352934" or 6"
K216104 1/2 x 72 3/8 x 90 3/45,2205254" or 6"
L224104 1/2 x 105 7/8 x 90 3/47,7057504" or 6"
M232104 1/2 x 139 x 90 3/410,1901,1134" or 6"


Refrigerant inlet connection size per plate is 1 1/8" tube and the outlet size is 2" pipe.
Maximum weight is based on the maximum number of plates that a chiller will hold being in the chiller. 
Low flow and extra-low flow distribution pans have a 4" connection and high flow pans have a 6" connection.