Top Down Tank Fabrication

Top Down Tank Fabrication

A Safe and Efficient Way To Build a Field-Fabricated Tank

Mueller Field Operations, Inc. core competency is stainless steel fabrication of tanks and process equipment. We have a number of approaches to field fabrication that focus on safety, quality and schedules. One method is our innovative top down tank fabrication process. Top down fabrication allows us to keep safety and efficiency as our top priorities while maintaining your project schedule.

We Are An Innovator of Top Down Fabrication

Top down tank fabrication is one of the safest methods for building a tank as fabricators remain on the ground the majority of the tank building process. We begin with the top of the structure and utilize engineered equipment to lift/jack as we install each shell course. This allows for:

  • Less pre-processing of materials.
  • Quality, fit, weld, and polish.
  • Automated welding and grinding processes.
  • Crews work safety on the ground.
  • Ability to build in-place or remote while final foundations are completed

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