Mueller Designed Vacuum Breaker

Mueller Designed Vacuum Breaker

Mueller Designed for Peace of Mind

Lack of proper ventilation for your tank or silo can cause catastrophic failure. This type of failure cannot only lead to a costly repair, but also downtime and loss of production. Installing a Mueller designed vacuum breaker can give you peace of mind. If your tank or silo should happen to overflow, your equipment will be protected.

What We Provide

  • Mueller Field Operations, Inc. will perform the calculations necessary based on your silo or tank specifications to determine the correct size of vacuum breaker.
  • Our experienced Service Technicians will remove your existing vent line and install the new Mueller designed vacuum breaker.
  • This modification will require minimal downtime.
  • As-built drawings will reflect the changes to your silo or tank.

Call to Action

Let Mueller Field Operations, Inc. make your project a success. Contact Joe Mitchell at 417-225-8643 or 1-800-MUELLER.