Wine Tanks

Wine Tanks

Handcrafted for your Winery

Designed specifically for the wine making industry, Paul Mueller Company stainless steel wine tanks and barrels reflect the quality craftsmanship and strict attention to detail that make Mueller equipment the most desired in the industry.

Standard models are available in 500, 1000,1500, 3000, 4500, 6000, and 12000 gallon sizes in red, white, or combination designs. 

Custom options available

In addition to our standard design, Paul Mueller Company can custom design and manufacture specialized equipment to meet your particular requirements. This lets you determine height to diameter ratio, component arrangement, and amount of heat transfer surface. 

Field Fabrication and Installation

If your wine-making project is too large to handle at our facility, our on-site fabrication is an added benefit. Our total process includes design, component manufacturing, transportation of equipment and materials on our trucks, assembly at the job site, and final testing, all coming together to make your project a success.

Turn your winery into a showcase with Paul Mueller Company stainless steel wine tanks and barrels.