Multiple Effect Stills

Multiple Effect Stills

Simple. Reliable. Efficient.

Our multiple-effect stills (MES) are a simple and reliable means of producing pyrogen-free water-for-injection. Paul Mueller Company's multiple-effect stainless water distiller utilizes proven natural circulation evaporator technology in 20 sizes to produce 50 to 3,000 gallons per hour of water-for-injection (WFI). This technology minimizes the potential for corrosion, which minimizes the need for control equipment and maintenance required. In addition, when inspection or maintenance is required the components are readily accessible with no need to remove or disassemble any of the major components to access critical areas. Distillate is produced near the top of the equipment, which facilitates filling of WFI storage equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • The MES is efficient because the system recovers the latent heat of vaporization occurring within its own process to heat feedwater and uses feedwater as its primary source of cooling.
  • With absence of moving parts, the PyroPure MES requires less maintenance and is much quieter than mechanical compression stills.
  • Only two control loops are needed, minimizing the calibration required as well as the potential for downtime.

Each MES system produced at Paul Mueller Company's facility is thoroughly tested prior to shipment. All alarm conditions and operating scenarios are challenged, so you can be assured that the industrial water distiller will reliably produce pyrogen-free water.

Paul Mueller Company offers a wide range of high purity water systems, whether you are in need of water for injection or custom skids, contact us today and discover why so many have come to rely on our American made stainless steel equipment.