DOT 406 9500 Gallon 4-Compartment

DOT 406 9500 Gallon 4-Compartment

Quality and Craftsmanship

The Mueller DOT 406 4-compartment refined fuel tank trailer is designed and built in the Paul Mueller Company A.S.M.E. production plant, located in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Our DOT 406 4-compartment tank trailer is built not only to meet DOT 406 regulations and all other related code requirements, but to exceed customer expectations with respect to quality in design, production and durability.

Our design team uses the latest in 3D modeling software and performs Finite Element Analysis on each design to ensure a tank trailer that will exceed customer expectations for trailer life.

Meeting Customer Needs Is Paramount

At Mueller, we put a premium on meeting the expressed needs of our customers. To meet the need for increased road stability for the driver and increased public safety, we developed our elliptical, double-tapered, low profile (multi-compartment) petroleum tank trailers built with one of the lowest (overall height) tank trailers on the market. To improve the customer's bottom line, we designed a lightweight trailer. A lighter trailer means greater product capacity for our customer.


  • Extruded frameless design minimizes weight.
  • Double tapered, low profile, 4-compartments of 3000//1500//2000//3000.
  • Single or double bulkhead trailer can be configured to your specifications.
  • High polished aluminum side shells to compliment the customer’s image.
  • Two-speed landing gear with aluminum 2-speeds as an option.
  • Air-ride suspension.
  • Aluminum wheels.
  • Aluminum front and rear fenders with aluminum brackets and stainless steel bolts.
  • Plug and seal wiring harnesses and LED lights for a trouble-free lighting system.
  • Rear bolt-on sub-frame for ease of roll-in/roll-out for maintenance or replacement.
  • Rear bumper overlay incorporating the rear lights.
  • Rear frame close-out with 3 LED oval lights for improved visibility.
  • Upper rear ID lights are dual-element LED lights that act as an additional brake light for added safety—a Mueller exclusive.
  • Two 8" x 21’ aluminum hose tubes with various hose trays/hose carrier options.
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty on barrel; components warranted by supplier.

  • Customer’s choice of operator systems/components: “Super Tanker” or “System-3.”