DOT 407 Crude Oil Tanker - A-TrainMax

DOT 407 Crude Oil Tanker - A-TrainMax

Quality and Craftsmanship

The Mueller DOT 407 A-Train Lead crude oil tank trailer is designed and built in the Paul Mueller Company A.S.M.E. production plant located in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Our DOT 407 A-Train Lead and PUP crude oil tank trailer are built not only to meet DOT 407 regulations and all other related code requirements, but to exceed customer expectations with respect to quality in design, production and durability.

Our design team uses the latest in 3D modeling software and performs Finite Element Analysis on each design to ensure a tank trailer that will exceed customer expectations for trailer life.

Meeting Customer Needs Is Paramount

At Paul Mueller Company, we put a premium on meeting the expressed needs of our customers. To meet the need for increased ruggedness in harsh oil field environments, we build crude oil trailers with longevity and ease of maintenance in mind. Safety of operation is critical to our customer's bottom-line and the latest technology is available on our trailers. Style and usability make the Mueller Tank Trailer an integral part of your fleet.


  • The A-Train Lead Crude Oil Tank Trailer is a double tapered, low profile 9,500 US gallon, 2-compartment aluminum trailer. Compartment sizes are 4750//4750 with double bulkheads with a minimum of 3% outage. Can be configured to your specifications.
  • Heavy duty shell and head/baffle aluminum DOT 407 code material and heavy duty extruded aluminum outriggers for durability.
  • Lead had a tri-axle suspension with 25,000 lb. rated axles with 77.5" track, and OAW of 102" mounted on an extruded aluminum sub-frame for a weight savings. In addition, galvanized bolt on hangers and pintle hook to reduce rusting from highway salts and chemicals.
  • The A-Train Pull Crude Oil Tank Trailer is a double tapered, low profile 5,000 US gallon, 1-compartment aluminum trailer with a minimum of 3% outage. Can be configured to your specifications.
  • The Pull has a tandem turntable equipped with a galvanized steel adjustable drawbar, including bolt on galvanized hangers, 25,000 lb rated axle with a 77.5" track, and OAW of 102", bolt-on galvanized hangers.
  • Heavy duty ribbed aluminum contoured fenders at front and rear with stainless hardware.
  • Equipped with two 8" x 21' aluminum hose tubes.
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty on barrel; components warranted by supplier.

  • Bucket holder.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Hose hanger.
  • Hubodometer.
  • Tire carrier.
  • Chain hangers.