DOT 407 Crude Oil Tanker - 200 BBL

DOT 407 Crude Oil Tanker - 200 BBL

Quality and Craftsmanship

The Mueller DOT 407 1-compartment crude oil tank trailer is designed and built in the Paul Mueller Company A.S.M.E. production plant located in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Our DOT 407 1-compartment tank trailer is built not only to meet DOT 407 regulations and all other related code requirements, but to exceed customer expectations with respect to quality in design and production.

Our design team uses the latest in 3D modeling software and performs Finite Element Analysis on each design to ensure a tank trailer that will exceed customer expectations for trailer life.

Meeting Customer Needs Is Paramount

At Paul Mueller Company, we put a premium on meeting the expressed needs of our customers. To meet the need for increased ruggedness in harsh oil field environments, we build crude oil trailers with longevity and ease of maintenance in mind. Safety of operation is critical to our customer's bottom-line, and the latest technology is available on our trailers. Style and usability make Mueller Tank Trailers an integral part of your fleet.


  • Double tapered 200 barrel single compartment tank trailer with a 10" drop.
  • Jost Magnum 440 2-speed landing gear.
  • Air-ride suspension for cargo stability and driver comfort.
  • Heavy duty front and rear ribbed aluminum fenders and brackets and stainless steel bolts offer corrosion resistance and longer life.
  • Aluminum wheels.
  • Plug and seal wiring harness and LED lights for trouble-free lighting.
  • Rear bolt-on sub-frame for ease of roll-in/roll-out for maintenance or replacement.
  • Girard pressure/magnetic vacuum vent with pressure package with gauge, ball valve, stainless steel Chicago coupler, and dead head that provides drive safety.
  • Titan TD80 liquid level system with a Finch II digital readout programmed in barrels or gallons for customer convenience and reduced overfills.
  • Roper pump system and piping.
  • Standard Mueller two year warranty on barrel.