When The Road Calls For More

Paul Mueller Company's Tank Trailer manufacturing group is dedicated to driving customer success! Thank you for your interest in our products and service to our communities. We make the trailers, you make them move!

Image of an empty road ready for a Mueller Tank Trailer


Image of a Paul Mueller Company worker at a sheet metal brake

For over 75 years, the employees of Paul Mueller Company have carefully chosen raw stainless steel materials, then bent them, shaped them, welded them and polished them into important products. These are high-quality, innovative products that carry, mix and make the products that feed, heal and provide for all of us. We enjoy building this equipment because you're proud to own it!

Dedicated People

Image of a Paul Mueller Company worker welding a refined fuel tank trailer

When a sparkling new tank trailer rolls off the assembly line here in Springfield, Missouri, Mueller artisans know it's headed to a hard working team of haulers and owners. They appreciate that you could have chosen a different trailer and a different team to make it. It would be a great honor for us to shake your hand inside our plant and say thanks.

Ruggedly Engineered

Image of a Paul Mueller Company name plate on the rear bumper of a crude oil tank trailer

Our trailers aren't headed to a swanky car museum somewhere in the Midwest! The road they'll travel is going to call for more. Getting our tank trailers ready for the demands of the road starts with rugged engineering and ends with exacting quality standards. Your work calls for just the right trailer. At Paul Mueller Company, we're equipped to make your fleet ready. Ready for whatever the road calls for.


Image of a tank trailer driver arriving home to his family

Zero. That's the goal. We know our trailers play an important role in the safety system that gets people and products over-the-road and back home. Whether you're loading and unloading, or changing lanes our team is thinking about your team. We're proud to build tank trailers that allow companies to provide their teams the safest environment possible.


Rendering of a Paul Mueller Company refined fuel tank trailer at a gas station

When the road calls for more you can call on Paul Mueller Company. We're here for the long haul. Call or email our team today to discuss your fleet needs. Thanks for sharing our commitment to craftsmanship, quality, ruggedness, and safety. We'll see you on the road!