Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

When you design around a Mueller brazed plate heat exchanger, you know what to expect in your finished product.

Mueller offers one of the world's largest range of brazed plate heat exchangers and the program is constantly being expanded. Many of these units are available in stock and can be shipped the next day in most cases. There is also a network of stocking distributors which can give you immediate access to things you need right away.

Design and Construction
Mueller's brazed plate heat exchangers contain up to 200 herringbone-pattern-embossed plates of stainless steel construction. Every other plate is turned 180°, causing the ridges of adjacent plates to intersect one another, thus forming a lattice of contact points.

When these points are subsequently brazed together, the resulting unit is a compact, pressure-resistant heat exchanger in which almost all material is involved in the heat transfer process.

The brazed plates form two separate channel systems. The two media assume a true countercurrent flow, completely isolated from each other. This channel configuration is designed to produce high turbulence, promoting maximum heat transfer.

  • Brazed plate heat exchangers give you the opportunity to design more compact engineered systems.
  • You can install a more cost effective, superior solution to your heat transfer applications.
  • Reduce cooling media volume, further reducing the cost of fluid handling systems and energy consumption.
  • Simplify maintenance and repair.
  • We keep sizable inventory levels for next day shipments.


Brazed plate heat exchangers can be used for a variety of refrigerant applications:
  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Subcoolers
  • Oil coolers
  • Heat pumps
  • Air conditioning
  • Chillers