Horizontal Tank Features

Standard Features

  • Durable Type 304 stainless steel inner liner polished to a No. 4 sanitary finish.
  • Prime-painted carbon steel outer jacket.
  • Removable, 2-inch stainless steel inlet with special "no-foam" design.
  • Removable, 3-inch perforated air vent protects tank structure from vacuum.
  • Ladder with a platform for access to inlet and vent.
  • A 16- by 20-inch insulated, stainless steel manway door with sampling valve.
  • Stainless steel front head with 10-inch cylinder band (recommended for bulkheading) or stainless steel jacket and legs.
  • Vertical, mechanical agitation system.
  • Two-inch rigid insulation.
  • Adjustable carbon steel legs with concealed threads.
  • Lifting lugs.
  • Dial thermometer with well.
  • Three-inch, clamp-type outlet ferrule is standard.
  • CIP door and spray devices for automated cleaning.

Optional Features

  • Painted exterior finish for protection and enhanced appearance.
  • Liquid level gauge connection for continuous monitoring.
  • Recording thermometer well for temperature tracking.
  • Refrigeration controls for chilled water, R-507, or ammonia refrigerant systems.
  • Combination sight and light glass with handy light fixture.

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