Chemical Reactors and Bioreactors

Chemical Reactors and Bioreactors

Mueller Chemical provides batch, semi-batch, continuous and other reactors and bioreactors to meet your chemical production needs. Improved performance and reduced production cost go hand in hand with Mueller equipment.

Everything you need for your tank: While we can't provide the chemicals themselves, we can provide heat transfer, baffles, agitation systems, sight glasses, manways, ladders, platforms, and other equipment. Whether you need thin gauge to 1" thick construction material, 20 ft. (or larger) diameter, or 140 feet in length, we have the equipment and experience to meet your needs. In addition to standard 300 series stainless steels, we also work with numerous exotic, high-alloy materials.

  • Heat transfer applications: Mueller has years of experience with multiple types of heating and cooling jackets such as dimple, half-pipe, open jacket, and our Temp-Plate heat transfer surface. Internal heating or cooling options using pipe coils, spargers, jacketed baffles, immersion panels, and other components are also available.

  • Customized agitation: Agitation designs give reduced batch times by improving yield and heat transfer. Agitation systems can be one fully-welded piece or have removable and adjustable blade configurations.

  • Product contact surfaces: Product contact surfaces are important to the efficiency of reactions and the maintenance that occurs within your tank. That's why we specialize in mechanical polishing and electropolishing of those surfaces to provide superior cleanability and improved corrosion resistance.

Our staff of experienced sales and engineering personnel is available to assist you with heat transfer analysis, structural design, agitation calculations and more. Contact us today to learn more about Mueller Chemical reactors!

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